Who is Aparecium?

Aparecium's Mission

Revealing What’s There.

To find, take and share the gems of ordinary life around us. Whether it be a fleating look on someone’s face, a bit of colorful art hidden amongst the grey concrete shards of a city, or just a pretty bridge with stirring cloud formations. Rather than telling my story the aim is to capture the story that is just below the surface or lost in the crowd. 

Nils Mollema is Aparecium Photography

The first time I picked up a camera was as a teenager with my parents in South Africa when I saw my first rhino with a sunset in the background. It was awe inspiring. Obviously as everyone who picks up a camera for the first time I failed horribly in capturing what I saw in front of me. Since then I just loved trying to capture the temporary permenantly the way I remember it. I want people not only to see what I saw, but also feel what I felt when I took a photo.

I grew up all over the world and was lucky enough to have parents that could give me everything I could have wished for. I have lived in New York, Washington DC, Jakarta, Pretoria, Nairobi, Ramallah, Leiden, Schagen, Islamabad and Amsterdam. Living in all of these places allowed me to meet so many incredible people that have stories worthy of being told. And yet many will never get the chance because of where they are from, who they identify as, a lack of resources and a great many other reasons. My hope is that with my photography I can celebrate some of those stories and shine a light on the creations of people and nature.  

This all sounds extremely pretensious I know. All I want is to take photos and try new things. So if you need a photographer, let me know and we can make it work together. Lets have some fun.

– Nils Mollema

Photography Style

I hate having to lable my “type” of photography. Taking pictures is what I love to do while I go through my life. As a politically active person I find myself at many protests and love to support the campaigns of activists with images that tell their story. As a person that has traveled around much of the world, taking photos that show off the uniques essence of a city is exhilarating.